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Apr 2019 Update


This website will be undergoing changes and updates in the next few months - there's a lot being planned for this website!

Your patience is appreciated! Feel free to have a look around. You can now also follow me on BLOGLOVIN!

I've got some interesting discussions coming up in May - so stay tuned - or if you'd like to keep up to date and be the first to know when there's a blog post available - feel free to subscribe!



Monthly #discussions:

- Listening To/Busy Reading/Watching (March)

- Becoming Cultured (May)

- How I've Been Feeling (April)


Every other month #discussions:

- Reviews (April; these posts are only going to be happening every now and then until further notice)

- Book Recommendation (May)

- Woman Talk (May)

Ali Blog Option 1 Edited

- The Days Where Things AREN'T That Great...


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