A Softer Side: Compassion

Compassion isn't something that's discussed on a regular basis - though it's something that should be.

I feel that compassion should be a trait that is present in every single person on the planet - though, unfortunately, that's not the case. Usually other traits like pride, greed and self-interest rule the day.

Something to think about

Compassion is a trait that I use on quite a regular basis, and I feel that it is a big part of me.

I'm one of those who enjoy helping out with causes that bring this out in me. It can involve anything from Human and Animal Rights to Environment Matters. It's important to be involved in a cause that makes you think of others before you think of yourself.

Badge Pins on my Bag

Are you someone who's compassionate? If you don't use this trait on a regular basis, is there a way that you can incorporate it into your life, and make it a habit?

I feel that this is a trait that we can teach and pass onto other people, it'll also take the focus off of yourself for a change and bring joy and happiness to others.

Compassion doesn't only have to involve volunteering or donating money to an organisation, it can also just be extending kindness to someone who has been down on their luck, or someone that needs a listening ear.

Try it sometime.

A candle too pretty to burn



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