I like contemplating things, but there are times when I contemplate better in writing. It's as if I sort through things in my mind when I write down what I'm contemplating or thinking about.

I like analyzing what I think about things, and have my own opinion and my own mind/thoughts about things.

Some things I'm neither here nor there, some things I'm fine with, other things I'm not so fine with.

There isn't always an answer for everything, nor a right or wrong answer. There will be times when all we can do is take a look at how things work, and not ever come to a proper conclusion.

There's always something to learn and something to think about.

Some of the topics discussed won't be easy, or at worst; might be somewhat controversial. There might even be some topics that require 4 or 5 parts to them - with the broadness of the topic. There will be both positive as well as more serious topics that are discussed. So stick around if you enjoy thinking about things, or even for the chance to learn something new about yourself.


When I'm not writing book reviews or reading, I enjoy watching Youtube videos, writing, going on social media and taking the dog for a walk.

I'm someone who is very open to learning, especially about myself, and believe in growing as a person.

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I enjoy being inspired by books, movies, TV Series, life and other people. The internet can be a wonderful place to meet people and make new friends.

I would like to build a community of people who enjoy discussing things and that like hearing the opinions of other people as well as respecting them. I'm always open to ideas for topics to discuss, except for those I have disclosed in the 'Topics I Will Not Talk About' tab. I'm also open to the inclusion of other people's opinions in the topics of discussion.

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