Becoming Cultured: Introduction

In this past year or so, I've been able to do a lot of self-reflecting as well as the opportunity to become more self-aware. This has led me down the beginning of a few paths; ones that I'd like to explore. Wanting to become knowledgeable and able to hold a conversation about some topics is something that interests me.

One that I have a little bit of working knowledge in is literature - but this is a broad area that I'd like to explore. Things like the classics and literature in general is what I want to explore.

Another one is movies - though this one I'll have to be a little bit more picky with. I'll most likely start with some of the older and more classic films, then move onto the more modern ones. Some of this might occasionally tie into literature.

Books, Movies, Christianity

Another one is Christianity; and in this one I'll most likely be exploring more modern forms of this; and will most likely be utilizing a lot of written books as well as videos to enlighten myself in this area. This is an area that I also have a little bit of familiarity in, since it's been a part of my life for quite a while - though I will add, this is also an area that I still have a lot to learn in.

There are other possibilities that I'm considering as well, and those other options are writing and theatre.

Lastly, before I close off - here is what I will be starting with: Movies. The first one I'll be exploring is a film that will be starring Elizabeth Taylor, though that is all I'm going to say about the topic for now.

If you'd like to; feel free to follow me on this little journey that I'll be going on. I'll be keeping everyone up to date via social media.



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