Favourite Autumn/Winter Items 2019

I haven't ever really been one for fashion; or for co-ordinating how clothes are worn on me. But recently I've started becoming a little bit more conscious about my wardrobe.

I unfortunately haven't got the finances to do a complete wardrobe makeover, but I have slowly started adding in some pieces that are more in line with what I want to go for now that I'm a little bit more clothing conscious.

Over the past year and a half, there are some clothing items that I've accumulated that I've enjoyed wearing during autumn and winter - that I try to wear every chance I get.

New Scarf

Last year I started getting into scarves - and this is the second scarf in my tiny collection of two. I definitely plan on collecting more of these.

Wool Cardigan

Unfortunately I only have one wool cardigan; and this usually only gets worn during autumn or cooler spring or summer days; but I definitely plan on adding more to my collection in the future.


I have three pairs of tights in my wardrobe - of the knit/sock material variety; since that is the sort I prefer. These are wonderful to wear during autumn and winter.


The perfect thing to pair with tights; is definitely skirts - and this is one of the three that I have and that I wear throughout the year.


Another thing I've come to love wearing during autumn and winter is boots - and unfortunately - for now; I've only got one pair - but I'm hoping to add to this collection soon.

Another pair of tights

This is another pair of tights that I love wearing - but of the thicker variety.

Since it's currently autumn in South Africa (in the Southern Hemisphere), I've decided to add some links of similar clothing items below. Some is from South African clothing stores, but I've also added some US and UK stores as well; even though it's spring up in the Northern Hemisphere.



Basic Knit Snood: Link

Soft Knit Snood: Link

Chenille Knit Snood: Link

Forever 21:

Ribbed Infinity Scarf: Link

Faux Fur Twisted Infinity Scarf: Link


Sherpa Snood: Link


Women's SONOMA Goods for Life™ Ribbed Cardigan: Link


INC International Concepts I.N.C. Embroidered Spring Loop Scarf: Link


Multicoloured Floral Print Woven Snoods 2 Pack: Link


Mr Price: 

Cable Knit Cardigan: Link


Truworths Stone Cardigan: Link

OBR Rose Pink Cardigan: Link

TRS Grey Cardigan: Link

Forever 21:

Open-Knit Hooded Cardigan: Link

Active Heathered Knit Cardigan: Link

Softspun Ribbed Longline Open-Front Cardigan Sweater: Link

True Soft Ribbed Duster Cardigan Sweater: Link


Bar III Ribbed Hooded Open Cardigan: Link


Esmeralda Double Faced Cardigan: Link


Textured Open Front Coatigan: Link

Linen Blend Longline Long Sleeve Cardigan: Link


Brown Pointelle Long Line Cardigan: Link


Forever 21:

Knee-High Socks - 2 Pack: Link

Striped Over-The-Knee Socks: Link

Over-The-Knee Socks - 2 Pack: Link


Forever 21:

Faux Leather Booties: Link

Yoki Faux Leather Booties: Link


Women's Vicky Booties: Link


Brown Eyelet Strap Ankle Boot: Link

Brown Western Ankle Boots: Link



Simply Vera Vera Wang Cable-Knit Fleece-Lined Tights: Link


Hue Brushed Sweater Tights: Link

One last thing I'll say before I end this blog post; I'm not sure how long these links are going to be valid for - since things do go out of stock and/or out of season; so be sure to check these out as soon as possible if you're interested in anything. Also definitely let me know what your favourite clothing items are either in the comments, or on social media.



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