How I’ve Been Feeling – 12 April

Things have been a little bit hectic lately; and at times I've been sacrificing sleep to either get things done, or to get a little bit of relaxation in. I'm sort of starting to get a hang on things, though there are still days where I slip behind with things.

It feels as if I've been doing a lot of exploring; especially now that I've started this blog - and I'm really looking forward to navigating my way through some unexplored and interesting areas. As I've previously said, I have a lot planned for this blog.

In Thought

Since March was a bit of a weird month for me, I want to see if I can get the things going again that I stopped doing - especially concerning things of the creative nature. I haven't quite delved into any serious topics yet; and if I don't start in April, I will most likely start in May; and another thing that I've mentioned previously - I'm open to suggestions.



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