The Days Where Things AREN’T That Great…

Believe it or not, there are days where things aren't so great - some people might even call them 'bad days'. And sometimes there's not even a specific reason for it - there are times when your mood just isn't working for you. But for the days that there is a reason, sometimes some of the more common reasons are:

- Lack of Time

- Feeling Pressured

- Work Life

- Home Life

- Financial Issues

- General Negativity


I think you get the picture. Things have been a little bit busy lately - there's a chance that I might be getting a new puppy (think 'new responsibility'). There are times where it feels as if I fall behind with things, and then I get frustrated due to lack of time.

Two things I've always got to keep in mind: To get sufficient rest, and to sometimes cut myself some slack if things aren't going so great or as planned.



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