Trying New Things

Hello Everyone,

It's wonderful that this is my second blog post, and in this one - I'll be talking about trying new things.

It didn't start out as an intention, but it's definitely become one. The brief history behind this is that it unintentionally started in January this year - when I decided to try Rye Bread and Almond Milk for the first time. From there, it's become a lot bigger - and I'm excited to carry on with it.

So now I've made it a thing that this is going to be the year of trying new things for me - and it's not limited to just the things that I'll be mentioning in this blog post - it'll extend to other areas of my life as well.

I'm not someone who's ever really been open to trying things. There hasn't ever really been a reason to, and I've always been busy with something else or other. Since I've had a little bit more time on my hands - being self-employed - I've decided to take some time in trying new things as well as growing as a person.

So let's move onto the things I've tried. As I've mentioned, some of the first things I've tried is Almond Milk and Rye Bread.

Rye Bread

Some other things I've tried is Soy Milk, Vegan 'Meat' and Vegan Cereal.

Vegan 'Meat'

On another note, another thing I've tried - in the skincare range - is toner.


Everything that I've mentioned here I've had quite a pleasant experience trying. If I did have to choose favourites, I'd have to choose Rye Bread and the Toner. And out of the more environment friendly 'milk' I've tried, I prefer Soy Milk - though I've still got to try Rice Milk, and will hopefully be trying that soon as well!

Soy Milk

One thing I'll end off with, is that I'm definitely open to trying new things, especially with my positive experiences so far. Chances are, I'll be trying a lot more food things, skincare things, maybe even some clothing styles as well.

Vegan Cereal


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